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It doesn't matter who you love...
FROM JB: matters THAT you love!
Those were the words of the night at the Welcome Reception. Jasper Pride celebrates its 5th birthday this year and the community welcomed our shows with open arms -- quite literally. The program listed the Welcome Reception as a night of cake and big hugs.
And there's no greater welcome to an area than having a beer with the mayor within 20 minutes of getting there. We had Mayor Ireland as our first guest on Top of The Charts and The Open Road and not only is he proud of his community he is proud of the support the entire community is giving. (And really, how many mayors are gonna rock a pink boa for Pride? He told me he has!) Now, if Mr. Mayor can do something about that parking ticket my colleagues got...
Have a listen to Mayor Ireland chatting about Jasper and what the area has in store for Pride Weekend.

Jasper Pride's co-chair, Uwe Walter, gives us the inside scoop about the festival's events.
Doing the Pride circuit, Mr. Gay Canada is in town and he was excited to chat with us during the Welcome Reception.
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