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Time to snowshoe
I walk on snow all the time. Where I am from there is snow most of the year. So the idea of strapping into a snowshoe didn't seem like much of a challenge. Boy, was I wrong. I think if you just went across a field, or a lake as we did when we started, it isn't that difficult. But to go uphill through trees and over logs, it is quite a task. Thankfully my guide, Brian, from SunDog Tours, was with me the entire way -- even when I was tempted to give up from exhaustion.
On flat terrain snowshoeing isn't that difficult, but the inclines we took on -- actually more like walking up stairs -- it proves to be a real test of strength. Granted, I slid down the hill and almost took Brian behind me with me but I was determined to get up into the ice cave (as pictured above). With some energy from his wife's homemade cookies and a bottle of water -- and knowing he was taking me to KFC after we taped the show -- I did it and I was so glad I didn't give up. The crisp air and silence all around us was incredible.
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