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Enjoying a really ice walk
I have seen ice before. It is around most of the year where I live. But never have I seen ice formations quite like this. Closing out our Jasper Pride show we journey through Maligne Canyon with SunDog Tours. My guide, Alicia, made the walk -- or hike, depending on how you look at the adventure -- so much fun and our laughs echoed through the canyon.
Throughout the walk we passed other visitors on a tour and even some people climbing up the ice walls.
For as much ice as there was all around, it wasn't cold in there at all. In fact, there was even a spot where it was raining like a waterfall. Naturally, I had to go in and get soaked.
Wearing our spiked boots Alicia and I chatted as we wound our way through the canyon and I learned all about why the ice formations are the way they are. We also talked about the wildlife sightings that have happened during tours, however all we spotted was one bird. That's a good thing because the other animals on her list were a little more dangerous.
JB chats with Alicia
The three pictures above show the tiny little cave that I was able to squeeze in to grab some pictures. We've all heard the term "makin' it rain" but it was actually like being in a rain shower or a waterfall. I came out soaking wet but it was really cool to be in there.
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